Our History

Depositos Quimicos Mineros S.A. was formally constituted on 30 December 1998. It was built next to the port of Callao innovating the loading and unloading of bulk liquids through stainless steel pipelines installed in concrete tunnels and trenches that run underground for aprox. 1.000 m from Pier No.5 (3 Berths) of the Public Port of Callao to our Terminal.
Before the completion of the DQM project, the loading and unloading of bulk liquid chemicals was done either through submarine pipelines and multi-buoy moorings located in unprotected waters off the coast of Lima and Callao or at the Callao Port Terminal in which case the bulk liquid chemicals were unloading directly from the ship to trucks with minimum safety and environmental controls.
The terminal began operations on April 8, 2003, with the reception of Sulfuric Acid wagons in a tank of 3.400m3, being the first export of 2.513 MT of sulfuric acid on May 13, 2003 on the ship Panam Felice. Later on June 25, 2004, we received our first import shipment of 1.132 MT of chemicals on the Bow Andino.
Due to national and international demand of liquid raw materials for industry in general, volumes have continued to increase, and although we have continuously added new tanks, the present Terminal no longer has sufficient area to build more storage capacity, In 2012 DQM acquired an area of 12.000 m2, located 1 km from the present terminal and interconnected to the same Berths on Pier 5 of the Public port. We are currently constructing a new terminal on the site with a 1st phase capacity of 14 tanks and 18.000 m3 of storage space.

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Environment, Health and Safety

Depositos Quimicos Mineros S.A. gives the highest priority to Environmental, Health and Safety protection. All our activities shall be based on a Zero Accidents Philosophy, meaning that our goal is no personnel injuries, no accidental pollution, minimum environmental effect, and no impact to cargoes and ships or to third parties such as ports and contiguous properties.
Since September 2013 DQM has an Integrated Management System, with a certificate in Environmental ISO 14001:2004 and the International Standard OHSAS 18001: 2007 in health and safety at work. Our SIG aims to establish a continuous improvement cycle that allows DQM to control all occupational risks and potential environmental impacts, and overall constantly improve performance.