Safety and Sustainability

Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Certificates

Depositos Quimicos Mineros S.A. gives the highest priority to Environmental, Health and Safety protection. All our activities shall be based on a Zero Accidents Philosophy, meaning that our goal is no personnel injuries, no accidental pollution, minimum environmental effect, and no impact to cargoes and ships or to third parties such as ports and contiguous properties.
From October 21, 2013 DQM has an Integrated Management System, with a certificate in Environmental ISO 14001:2004 and the International Standard OHSAS 18001: 2007 in health and safety at work. Our SIG aims to establish a continuous improvement cycle that allows DQM to control all occupational risks and potential environmental impacts, and overall constantly improve performance.

Statement of Scope of the Integrated Management System

DEPÓSITOS QUÍMICOS MINEROS S.A. has the following scope:

"Services of Reception, Storage and dispatch of Liquid Bulk Chemical Products."

The limits of the scope of our IMS circumscribe to both headquarters DQM1 and DQM2. The IMS applies to all the activities that are under the direct responsibility of DEPOSITOS QUIMICOS MINEROS S.A.