The terminal which commenced operations in 2003 is strategically located adjacent to the Public Port of Callao, and has access to excellent road and rail infrastructure. The terminal one of the most modern of its kind in South America, combining state-of-the-art facilities, know-how and the highest international safety and environmental standards.
It is interconnected to three safe berths on Pier 5 by 1.000 m of fully piggable, stainless steel pipelines. The berths have an operational low-tide draft from 12 to 14 meters capable of attending deep sea tankers.


The terminal consists of 43 pressurized tanks ranging in size from 400 m3 to 3.400 m3, and has a total capacity of 52.980 m3, of which 4 tanks are built of 316L Stainless Steel. The facilities include inert N2 gas blanketing, vapor balancing with air scrubber systems and vapor return lines. Heating, cooling and recirculation systems for products can be installed as required.
Our Environmental Care includes waste water and air emissions control, and terminal operations are conducted so that potential contamination of liquids is minimized, identified, separated and can be treated in an on-site waste water treatment plant.